Emergency Evacuation

TSQTC offers business management consulting services to organizations of all nature and size in areas of setting up health and safety systems and reviewing them for continued compliance / adequacy.&!&&!& Our specialist consultants provide necessary services designed for all kinds of business / industries.


It is legal to have Fire Safety considered as one of the top priorities in every workplace. Any company or organisation with 5 or more employees or where the premises is open to the public, is required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment; once completed they must act on the findings of that assessment and provide training to their staff.&!& Our fire safety consultants provide services to companies in many different sectors, from office based operations to the hospitality industry and the events business. We enable our clients to meet their obligations under ‘the order’ and develop effective and proactive approaches to fire safety which includes emergency evacuation procedures.

Scope of Work

Our consultants shall assist client organisations to have a comprehensive emergency evacuation plan in every workplace. A comprehensive emergency evacuation plan should contain detailed duties for every person involved in the process of evacuation. With just a small amount of preparedness and training - we can often increase the number of people with the knowledge to perform these emergency procedures and respond well during a real emergency.&!&&!& Emergency evacuation procedures must be practiced by performing fire drills; these allow you to evaluate their effectiveness. Our consultants can be present at your fire drills to perform the evaluation and report back. As part of the consultancy process we will provide you with a detailed evacuation plan which is easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to remember once away from the classroom.

Time Requirement

This will be dependent upon the scope of work for which we are engaged. Initial discussions will determine this as far as is practicable and shall be conveyed to the client at the initial stages of the project.