Safety Specialist

By completing this training session the candidates will have gained an appreciable understanding of:
  • Introduction to occupational safety management, policies, and plans in establishments
  • International standards and quality systems for occupational safety
  • National safety and emergency legislation
  • Types of work environment risks, their assessment and prevention methods
  • Causes of fires, methods of prevention and control, and Alarm systems
  • Types of fires - and extinguishing theories
  • Classification of buildings according to activity and risk
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire zoning, (compartmentalization)
  • Alarm systems (conventional and addressable)
  • Manual firefighting tools and systems
  • Self-Extinguishing (suppression) systems
  • Exits components and standards
  • Emergency planning (rescue - reporting - firefighting - evacuation)
  • Requirements, equipment, and procedures of first aid
  • Duties of safety specialists in facilities
  • Work accident investigation
  • Inspection of safety issues in facilities and report writing
Duration: 12 Days Training