Program participants will learn the following topics through the course:
  1. Health and Safety Introduction
  2. Definitions and terminologies
  3. Types of work Hazards
    a- Chemical Hazards
    b- Biological Hazards
    c- Mechanical Hazards
    d- Physical Hazards
    e- Psychological
  4. Risk assessment
    a- Hazard identification
    b- Risk assessment tools
    c- Control measures implementation
  5. Fire Safety (fire triangle, fire classes, Fire extinguishers, fire hoses)
  6. Fire prevention and protection
    a- fire zoning/ compartmentalization,
    b- fire alarm systems,
    c- fire suppression & firefighting
    d- Exits and Evacuation
    e- Safety Signs
  7. Leadership and communication skills
  8. Continuous improvement of safety system elements
  9. Hazardous material and industrial waste disposal
  10. Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and Procedures
Duration : Five Days Training