Evacuation chair

Chair Details
  • Evacusafe Tracked Evacuation Chairs are designed to enable the safe and comfortable evacuation of mobility-impaired people in the event of an emergency, such as fire. The chairs are designed for ease-of-use on internal stairways and fire escapes as well as along flat surfaces.
  • Our Tracked Evacuation Chairs are suitable for a single person operation. Mainly operated on a straight continuous run, they can also be used (with some training) on a mild spiral, though this will be best suited for a 2 person operation. Lightweight yet incredibly strong,
  • The chairs can transport persons of up to 160Kg. The tracks create friction, which acts as a brake to slow the descent and allows for smooth, controlled operation. Once ground level has been reached, the handle can fold away and the chair can then be used as a temporary wheelchair. With a supportive FLAT seat, armrests and padded headrest, the chair is very comfortable to stay in for extended periods.
  • The chairs fold flat and can be stored on the wall with the hooks supplied along with an ‘Evacuation Chair’ wall sign. In addition, a tough, long lasting cover is also provided as standard and helps keep the equipment clean and protected ready for use.
Chair Features
  • Ideal for downward stairway evacuation
  • Rubberized fiction activated tracks
  • 4 wheels for optimum maneuverability
  • Simple set up makes it quick to deploy
  • Flat comfortable seat
  • Cushioned headrest
  • Foot operated brake
  • Arm and foot rests
  • Built in carry handles
  • Quick release safety harness
  • Removable covers
Chair Specifications
HEIGHT(FOLDED/OPEN) 1130mm / 1320mm
DEPTH (FOLDED/OPEN) 290mm / 990mm (max)
WIDTH 650mm


Evacuslider Details
  • Excel Evacuslider Mattress Designed for use in situations where a person is required to evacuate in a lie.
  • Quick and easy to use with simple setup able to move physically disabled person using the stairs or across a variety of surfaces and access to a safe place.
Evacuslider Features
  • Lightweight, sturdy construction
  • Full cushioned head support and adjustable straps
  • Built in carry handles to aids movement across the floor
  • Super smooth underside aids movement across the floor
  • Large foot pocket for added comfort and security
  • Quick release belts
Evacuslider Specifications

Safe Babies

  • The Safe Babies® apron is to be worn by staff during an emergency situation to assist in the safe evacuation of infants from the hospital nursery/NICU.
  • Each apron has two pouches in the front and two in the back which allow for a total of four infants to be carried to safety.
  • Only those staff who are physically capable of carrying the weight of four infants should be assigned to wearing the Safe Babies® apron during evacuation procedures.
  • The Safe Babies® apron has a universal front and back orientation to help reduce confusion while putting it on during an emergency situation.
  • Infants should be individually placed in the Safe Babies® pouches while still wrapped in their warm blankets or clothing.
  • The Safe Babies® apron is worn by caregivers and other staff to assist in the safe evacuation of infants. Each Safe Babies® apron has two pouches/pockets in front and two in back allowing each staff member to carry a total of four infants to safety outside the facility.
  • The one-piece construction of the apron contains no seams at shoulder or lower edges, preventing babies from tumbling out during an emergency
  • Universal front/back orientation prevents confusion during an emergency situation.
  • Velcro® side fasteners for quick, strong and adjustable closures
  • One size fits all design
  • Heavy-duty, durable and washable 100% cotton duck fabric
  • Bright, visible, international yellow color for easy recognition during emergency situations
  • Flat, compact storage
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Infants are individually placed in the Safe Babies® pouches/pockets while still wrapped in their warm blankets or clothes and are held close to the staff member's body for protection and warmth.
  • Staff members' arms are free to open doors, carry other infants, or to assist another person with other infants
  • The bright yellow apron is made of naturally fire resistant cotton duck and contains no harmful chemicals. A heavy duty security storage bag is included for easy identification and to keep the Safe  Babies® apron clean, ready for use

Photoluminescent safety signs

Photoluminescent safety signs suitable for installation at the high and intermediate location levels.
The photoluminescent properties are in excess of those required by national and international Standards.
Technical Guarantees
The photoluminescent characteristics and performance values are printed on all Everlux® signs as per ISO and DIN Standard requirements. This provides consumers with the appropriate information and the guarantee of a high quality product.
BS ISO 17398: 2004
Specifies the requirements of a performance-related classification system for safety signs.
The performance criteria and testing methods are specified in this Standard to ensure that factors relating to photoluminescent, durability and expected service can be characterised and specified at the time of purchase.
Please see the following example: